About Tool Grid

Recently launched, Tool Grid Generation 2 offers significant improvements in shortening set up time and is easily reconfigurable.

Tool Grid

Designed for Efficiency

Eliminate time and frustration looking for tools. Create a highly efficient workspace that saves you time and money.

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Tool Grid

Fully Customizable

Organize your tools by type, job function, or what’s easiest for your personal work style. Easily reposition, remove or add new tools as your tool and storage requirements evolve.

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Continued Innovation

It is our mission to maintain our leadership role in tool organization. This means that we are continually coming up with product improvements and new innovations. Follow us to see what’s new and share your amazing transformations.


Unlimited Possibilities

Tool Grid utilizes a series of engineered holders which securely retain a wide range of technicians’ tools.

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Get Started Today

Tool Grid is available through our approved distribution partners.

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