Getting Started with Tool Grid

How To Videos

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1. Select the Right Board

Review the tools in your collection and space you have available, measure the width and depth of the drawer, shelf, or surface you wish to organize. Select the board(s) that best fit these measurements.

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2. Achieve a Custom Fit

If you want to achieve a custom fit, the boards can easily be cut to best suit your specific needs. Instructions on how to cut the boards are provided.

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3. Establish your Preferred Layout

Gather your tools. By having a clear understanding of your tool collection, you’ll be able to create a layout that best suits your needs.

You can organize by job, by tool, or by your own pattern for improved accessibility.

4. Create your Ultimate Work Space

Tool Grid™ allows you to organize most tools; the possibilities are endless. See typical set up examples to learn how to get started.

Installation instructions are provided with each board.

View the “How To” Videos Here >>

Ratchets Extensions Sockets

Screwdrivers Wrenches

Pliers Containers

Heavy Mechanic